SZS Series Oil/Gas Hot Water Boiler

SZS series oil gas hot water boiler

Product Thermal Capacity: 7-70 MW

Working Pressure: 1.0-1.6 Mpa

Applicable Fuels: natural gas, city gas, liquefied petroleum gas, diesel oil, heavy oil, etc

Application Industries: pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical, tobacco, brewing, papermaking, steel, coking, electric power, colleges, hotels, public facilities and other industrial and civil heating.

Boiler Introduction: SZS series hot water boiler adopts D type longitudinal structure, built-in independent energy saver, condenser, compact structure, high efficiency and energy saving, thermal efficiency > 96%, is widely used in industrial enterprises, industrial park heating and sanitary hot water.


Product Introduction

SZS series oil/gas hot water boiler is double cylinder, longitudinal type, D type layout structure, the right side of the furnace, the left side of the convection tube bundle, superheater layout of the convection tube bundle area; The movable supports at both ends of the lower drum are fixed on the body chassis, and the boiler is expanded to both ends as a whole. Around the chamber of a stove or furnace is membrane type water wall, furnace on the left side of the membrane type water wall sealing off the furnace and the convection bank completely, after the convection bank area covering diarrhea staggered structure, the front for the suitable column structure, furnace flue gas from the chamber of a stove or furnace tail out of the smoke from the burning of mouth into the combustion chamber, convection bank state district, and then from point to spiral fin tube economizer of boiler on the left side of the front, And finally into the flue and into the atmosphere.

SZS water tube hot water boiler

The exhaust temperature of ordinary boiler is relatively high. In order to reduce the exhaust temperature and save energy, the boiler is equipped with fin type energy saver and condenser on the side of the body. The finned heat exchanger has the advantages of small volume, light weight, large heat exchange area and high heat exchange efficiency, which can effectively reduce the exhaust temperature and significantly improve the boiler efficiency.

The condenser is installed on the flue gas side of the boiler to absorb the waste heat of flue gas and reduce the exhaust temperature. The outlet water of tap water is 20℃. Under the action of the pump, the boiler feed water from the pump flows through the finned tube of the condenser at a velocity of W≈0.5m/s, and the heat is fully transferred with the flue gas. After the water temperature rises, it enters the boiler. Because the finned tubes in the condenser are made of ND steel, oxygen corrosion can be effectively avoided in the operation process.


SZS Series Hot Water Boiler Technical Characteristics

The design of boiler furnace has high thermal efficiency: The design of large furnace makes the flue gas stay in the furnace longer, the combustible gas is fully burned, and the combustion efficiency is improved.

Oil gas hot water boiler

Membrane type water – cooled wall structure – safety and explosion – proof: Furnace and flue are covered by membrane water wall, large heating surface, less heat loss, reduce air leakage, improve thermal efficiency, can realize quick start of boiler.

Automatic high efficiency combustion – low nitrogen environmental protection: Adopt the international famous brand burner and optimize the ratio of fuel and combustion-supporting air through the built-in air adjusting mechanism, which greatly improves the combustion situation in the furnace.

Efficient insulation material – reduces heat loss: The membrane water-cooling wall is covered by special composite silicate plate, and the temperature of the furnace exterior wall is controlled within 40℃. The color steel plate is hung outside, and the insulation effect is good.

Compound cycle mode – safe and reliable: The radiation heating surface in the furnace and the high temperature area of the tube bundle adopt forced circulation, and the low temperature area of the tube bundle adopt natural circulation, so that the water resistance is small and the resonance of the tube bundle is avoided.

Flue gas waste heat recovery – high efficiency and energy saving: The furnace is designed with energy saver and high efficiency heat exchange element made of special anticorrosive materials, which can make the condensing heat exchange more fully, improve the heat exchange efficiency and lower the smoke exhaust temperature.

SZS type hot water boilers

Oil/Gas Hot Water Boiler Product Parameter

Model Rated thermal power(MW) Rated working pressure(MPa) Rated output water temperature(℃) Rated Feeding water temperature(℃) Maximum transport size(m)
SZS7-1.0/115/70-Q 7 1 115 70 7.9×3.4×3.4
SZS10.5-1.0/115/70-Q 10.5 1 115 70 8.9×3.9×4.0
SZS14-1.25/115/70-Q 14 1.25 115 70 8.6×3.9×3.8
SZS17.5-1.25/115/70-Q 17.5 1.25 115 70 9.4×3.8×3.8
SZS21-1.25/130/70-Q 21 1.25 130 70 10.1×4.2×4.2
SZS29-1.25/130/70-Q 29 1.25 130 70 10.9×4.2×4.2
SZS46-1.6/130/70-Q 46 1.6 130 70 11.0×Φ1.45
SZS58-1.6/130/70-Q 58 1.6 130 70 11.1×Φ1.46
SZS70-1.6/130/70-Q 70 1.6 130 70 12.0×Φ1.66
SZS116-1.6/130/70-Q 116 1.6 130 70 12.5×Φ1.66

Oil/Gas Fired Boilers Price

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