Low Nitrogen Condensing Steam Boiler

Low nitrogen condensing boiler

Boiler Capacity:1-20 t/h

Planned Thermal Power: ≥98%

Available Fuel: Nature gas, coke oven gas, biogas, liquid propane gas, diesel, heavy oil, light oil, crude oil, etc.

Application Scale: chemical, plastic, rubber, construction industry, forestry, pharmaceutical industry distillation, etc.

Product Introduction:Low nitrogen condensing steam boiler is a mechatronic equipment, which consists of boiler body, condenser, energy saving device, burner, electric control cabinet, feed water pump, pipeline valve meter and so on.


Low Nitrogen Condensing Boiler Description

1. Introduction of boiler structure

Low nitrogen condensing steam boiler is a mechatronic equipment, which consists of boiler body, condenser, energy saving device, burner, electric control cabinet, feed water pump, pipeline valve meter and so on. System with supporting Europe imported burner, ontology using the horizontal internal-combustion two return wet back structure form of condensation, fuel (oil/gas) from the burner through pressure atomization high-speed jet, a micro positive pressure combustion inside the furnace, the combustion of high temperature flue gas after the radiation heat transfer in the furnace to enter the second before the return pipe to smoke box, then bend over 180 ℃ entering the condenser, After the energy saver into the chimney into the atmosphere.

2. Low nitrogen condensing boiler body technology advantages

Low nitrogen boiler

A new design idea of “equal resistance” is adopted in the layout of threaded pipe for convection heat transfer, instead of the traditional viewpoint of “equal flow rate” for two and three return routes. The convection heat transfer surface is arranged, and the traditional design idea of determining the diameter of the furnace furnace is broken through in the design of the furnace furnace. The large corrugated furnace structure is adopted to greatly improve the radiation heat transfer area and reduce the NOx emission. The screw pipe technology is applied in the convection heat exchange pipe area, and the boiler efficiency reaches more than 98%, which greatly improves the boiler efficiency. Smoke box adopts double-sealed small smoke chamber structure, eliminate smoke leakage, convenient for user maintenance and convenience. Aluminum silicate fiber felt is used for heat preservation with good heat preservation effect. Because we have done a lot of work in the aspects of combustion and heat transfer, and adopted some new structures and new technologies, the volume of this product is greatly reduced, the space of the machine room is reduced, and the weight is reduced.

3. Introduce the characteristics of the whole boiler

(1) High safety and reliability
The boiler combustion chamber adopts corrugated furnace, which has good thermal expansion performance. The combustion chamber is equipped with explosion-proof door, and the furnace body is equipped with highly sensitive temperature, pressure and water level sensing components, which are connected to the controller, forming a high reliability multiple safety protection and control system to ensure the safe operation of the boiler. Boiler water volume is large, stable and reliable operation, high quality heating.

Installation process

(2) High efficiency and energy saving
The boiler adopts the structure of large furnace and corrugated furnace, which increases the radiation heat transfer area and facilitates the full combustion of fuel. The fuzzy control technology based on artificial neural network and the world famous burner are applied to realize automatic combustion regulation according to temperature, pressure and time, so that the boiler can run with high efficiency and economy under different conditions, and the fuel consumption is reduced to the maximum extent.

(3) conducive to environmental protection
The low NOx combustion technology is used to optimize the boiler structure design, and the combustion condition of the boiler is automatically adjusted through the flue gas detection, so as to ensure that the boiler flue gas emission meets the requirements of environmental protection in China and even the world, and the operation noise is low.

(4) convenient installation and maintenance
Boiler before and after the smoke box adopts the movable double seal structure, easy to check, maintenance and cleaning of the boiler, the boiler overall quick installation, vibration free operation, easy to install, boiler computer controller can automatically record the time and reason of failure, convenient maintenance personnel to maintain.

(5) Introduction of flue gas condenser and energy saver
In the traditional boiler, after the fuel is burned in the boiler, the exhaust temperature is relatively high, and the water steam in the flue gas is still in the gaseous state, which will take away a lot of heat. Among all kinds of fossil fuels, natural gas has the highest hydrogen content, and the mass percentage of hydrogen is about 20%~25%. Therefore, the exhaust smoke contains a large amount of water vapor. It is estimated that the heat taken away by the water vapor generated by burning 1m³ natural gas is about 4,000 kJ, which is more than 10% of its high calorific value.

Boiler thermal efficiency is improved

Low nitrogen condensing steam boiler

Flue gas condensation heat recovery unit, the use of low temperature of the water or air cooling flue gas, flue gas temperature lower, close to the heat transfer surface area, the water vapor in flue gas condensation, at the same time realize the flue gas sensible heat release of latent heat release, and water vapor condensation and heat exchanger heat absorption by water or air heating, heat recovery, improving heat efficiency.

The theoretical gas volume of 1Nm3 daily gas combustion production is about 10.3 Nm3 (about 12.5KG). Taking the excess air coefficient of 1.3 as an example, the flue gas is 14 Nm3 (about 16.6KG). When the flue gas temperature is lowered from 200℃ to 70℃, the physical sensible heat is released about 1600kJ, the condensation rate of water vapor is taken as 50%, and the latent heat of vaporization is released about 1850 kJ, with a total heat release of 3450 kJ, which is about 10% of the low calorific value of natural gas. If 80% of flue gas is taken into the heat energy recovery device, the heat energy utilization rate can be increased by more than 8% and the natural gas fuel can be saved by nearly 10%.

Separate arrangement, various installation forms, flexible and reliable. As a hot surface, spiral finned tube has high heat exchange efficiency, sufficient heating surface and small resistance of flue gas side system, which can meet the requirements of ordinary burner.

Automatic intelligent control system

Zozen Boilers is a fully automatic intelligent control system independently designed and developed with complete intellectual property rights, which adopts the joint control method of mechatronics control equipment and programmable logic controller (PLC). Advanced programmable logic controller (PLC) for the control system of the “central processor”. The control system is operated by touch screen, so that the degree of automatic control and operation reliability of the boiler is greatly improved, and the operation is more simple and intuitive.

Installation process

The operation interface is intuitive and simple, and the operation status is clear at a glance

  • Adopt 7 inch color touch screen with high resolution.
  • It can display the running condition of burner, circulating pump and the changing state of flame at a glance.
  • Chinese multi-level pop-up menu, so that the boiler monitoring is simple, orderly, intelligent.
  • Chinese troubleshooting guide, simple operation.

Fully automatic operation, easy to operate

  • Set with water level protection to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.
  • Set with pressure protection, overtemperature alarm device, high precision pressure gauge, temperature gauge and pressure, temperature control components, effectively prevent vaporization; .
  • Realize the boiler load automatic adjustment function;
  • Abnormal power protection function: boiler warning.
  • Time setting function: users can set the start and stop time of the boiler according to their needs.
  • High smoke temperature alarm function: can automatically monitor the boiler exhaust temperature, more convenient to master the combustion situation of the boiler.
  • The pot scale online monitoring function: when the thickness exceeds a certain value after automatic alarm, text prompts the user to remove dirt.
  • ignition program control and flameout protection function of combustion system
  • With automatic flame adjustment and flame automatic detection function.
  • Burner pressure protection function;
  • Burner power failure self-locking protection function;
  • Burner power failure protection function;
  • gas leakage protection function (depending on the situation);

High quality hardware, comprehensive software, to ensure that the optimized system efficient and reliable

  • The use of strong anti-interference performance, the use of industrial grade PLC, safe and reliable;
  • A variety of interlocking protection coexists to ensure the high reliability and high security of the system;
  • With multi-level authority control system, people without authority can not change the system operating parameters or operation of the boiler;

Low nitrogen boiler delivery

Record fault history for easy maintenance and repair

  • Automatic record, cumulative pump running time and burner running time, convenient for energy consumption, burner life accounting
  • Boiler failure, the first safe stop and pop up screen, record the first dozens of fault time and fault content, users can quickly find out the cause of the fault according to the maintenance guide;

Multi-scheme control function selection and rich expansion function, so that customers have more choices

  • PLC building blocks of the expansion module and adequate reserved port, reduce the user to special needs of the development of repeated investment;
  • Conveniently with the current office automation network (WINDOWS9X, WINDOWSNT, NOVELL, etc.), factory automation control network interconnection, to achieve the boiler water quality and boiler running status of remote monitoring function;
  • With a standard RS232/485 interface, using the MODEBUS protocol, can realize the connection with the building automation or DCS, to achieve the group control function of multiple boilers.
  • With the function of scale detection, improve the boiler energy saving operation.

Multiple protection functions ensure the safe and stable operation of the boiler

  • With low water level protection: when the boiler water level is lower than the normal water level (water level detection probe position), the controller forbids the burner to work, and makes an alarm sound.
  • With overpressure protection function: when the boiler overpressure is higher than the set value, (the overpressure controller gives an instruction) the controller forbids the burner to work, and makes an alarm sound.

Systematic solutions

  • The use of modular design concept, each part is relatively independent, and unified coordination;
  • High efficiency boiler system by boiler controller unified control, give full play to the effect of energy saving.