DZL Series Coal/Biomass Steam Boiler

DZL series steam boiler

Boiler Capacity:2 – 10t/h

Working Pressure: 1.0-2.5 MPA

Available Fuel: Bituminous coal, lean coal, anthracite, biomass particles, rice husk, straw, coffee husk, sawdust

Application Scale: Heating, chemical, food, tobacco, textile, printing and dyeing, feed, medicine, building material, wine, rubber, hospital

Product Introduction:DZL series steam boiler using domestic colleges and universities research units of the new scientific research results, such as: arch tube plate, screw pipe etc. The problems such as tube plate crack, low thermal efficiency, insufficient output and poor adaptability of coal quality have been solved.

DZL Series Steam Boiler Description

DZL series quick assembly boiler is a kind of horizontal three return water and fire tube boiler shell type boiler, arranged in the pot drum with threaded smoke pipe, the left and right sides of the furnace are equipped with light tube water wall, the two wings are composed of water wall pipe wing flue, burning medium quality bituminous coal, economizer, inlet and outlet water pipe, valve and boiler fire operation are on the right side. The coal loading device is arranged in front of the furnace. Boiler drum, induced draft fan and dust removal device are outdoors. The boiler’s sewage discharge is divided into three ways: the back of the drum and the left and right collection boxes. Combustion equipment using light chain grate, mechanical coal, chain grate length and width ratio when, reasonable layout, mechanical incomplete combustion loss is small.

DZL series steam boilers in the factory finished production, the whole factory, shipped to the site as long as the installation of valves, pipes, drums, induced draft fans, flue and water and electricity can be run. DZL series boiler main components are assembled into two big factory in our factory, the upper large (boiler) and lower (chain grate) big, two big needed after closed lower on the site before and after the furnace wall and masonry arch, smoke duct, piping, instruments and valves, slag machine, such as installation, and then turn on the water, electricity can be put into operation.

Boiler Combustion Process

DZL type steam boiler

DZL series steam boiler is a kind of horizontal three return water and fire tube mixed boiler, arranged in the drum of a bunch of threaded smoke pipe. The left and right sides of the furnace are equipped with light tube water-cooled walls. Adopt light chain grate to realize mechanical feeding, equipped with blower, induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation, and equipped with scraper type slag machine to realize automatic slag. The front and rear arches of the furnace adopt a new type of energy-saving technology. Coal from the coal hopper falls in front of the grate, with the grate running, coal after preheating dry distillation, fire, burn out, cinder into the slag hopper, eliminated by the slag removal machine. The pipe is formed in the waiting part between the front and rear arches to fully mix with the air and heat the front arches to improve the ignition conditions. The pipe enters the left or two wings convection tube bundle through the non-outlet smoke window on the arch, enters the threaded smoke pipe through the side smoke box and the front smoke box, passes through the economizer and dust collector, and is led to the chimney by the induced draft fan for discharge.

Coal/Biomass Fired Steam Boiler Advantage

Coal biomass fired steam boiler

  • The type of boiler is horizontal quick loading boiler with natural circulation of working medium. The boiler heat exchange system is composed of drum, left and right collecting boxes and water wall. The main heating surface is water wall of furnace chamber, part of drum and convection tube bundle in drum.
  • Advanced design and performance: the main heating surface pipe of the boiler is made of seamless steel tube for 20# low and medium pressure boiler, and the drum is made of special steel plate for boiler. The left and right collection boxes are made of seamless steel tubes.
  • Boiler furnace arch is made of refractory concrete. The rear arch is low and long, so it burns well, and the flue flue and side wall tiles are made of refractory sintered bricks. The boiler front wall and back wall are made of general firebrick.
  • The grate air distribution is reasonable, the combustion chamber is large, and the coal type is applicable strongly. Adapt to all kinds of bituminous coal or anthracite, mixed coal. Full combustion. Because the high temperature flue gas first enters the settlement chamber, and then enters the two flue flue and the front smoke box from both sides, the smoke and dust removal effect is good.
  • The water circulation is simple, the structure of the pressure parts is reasonable, under the condition of ensuring the water quality, the operation can be completely safe.

DZL series boilers

  • Combustion equipment is quick loading grate. Combustion equipment is manufactured and installed in the factory and directly installed on the foundation after transportation to the construction site. With reasonable structure, compact, low steel consumption, so that the boiler performance, weight, structure size compared with domestic products with the same capacity has obvious advancement.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: adopt gasification combustion technology, set up advanced gasification rotary combustion chamber, built-in cyclone secondary air distribution, so that fuel combustion is more sufficient.
  • High efficiency heat transfer element – screw pipe, with a reasonable flow rate of flue gas, so that the boiler thermal efficiency is higher. The thermal efficiency is more than 85%.
  • The boiler adopts the green renewable biomass wood pellet fuel popularized by the country, the CO2 emission reaches zero, the smoke emission concentration is less than 50mg/m3, the smoke black is less than Ringmann I level, and all the indicators meet the national environmental protection standards of a class of regions.
  • Low operating cost: because the fuel used in the boiler itself, wood biomass pellet is a new type of environmental protection fuel supported by the state and promoted, and it is a renewable resource. It has the characteristics of high calorific value, low cost and wide range of sources.
  • High degree of automation: digital integrated controller, according to the user set automatic controller combustion conditions, simple and convenient operation, automatic ignition, automatic feeding, automatic dust removal, gas boiler operation is equally convenient.
  • Safety: the use of high standard, high quality auxiliaries, accessories and automatic control equipment to ensure the safe and stable operation of the boiler.
  • New appearance: the design of the boiler is beautiful and generous.

Operation Principle of DZL Series Boiler

The specified normal water level of the boiler must be maintained when it is in operation. Frequent attention should be paid to the working pressure to maintain it at normal pressure. Under normal circumstances, the pressure should be maintained stable, high and low deviation is not more than plus or minus 0.05Mpa, the working pressure stipulated by the boiler should be marked with a red line on the boiler barometer.

Operators should at least carry out the following work:

Steam boilers

  1. Keep pressure representation accurate.
  2. Frequent attention should be paid to the relationship between wind pressure and combustion, and the negative pressure at the exit of the combustion chamber must be controlled for 20-30Pa, so that the boiler does not smoke out.
  3. Often patrol around the boiler, such as the furnace wall, furnace door by the leakage situation, should be repaired immediately, and listen carefully everywhere there is no special sound, these sounds may be the boiler water leakage, leakage, must pay attention to eliminate.
  4. Frequent inspection of boiler body, electrical equipment, water pump, all kinds of valves, all kinds of instrument tables and auxiliary equipment.
  5. When opening the valve or cock, it is forbidden to knock with sledgehammer or other objects, and it is also forbidden to open the valve handle forcefully by lengthening it.
  6. In order to prevent the adhesion between the valve and the valve seat of the safety valve, manual and automatic steam and water release test of the safety valve should be carried out regularly.

DZL Series Steam Boiler Product Parameter

* The basic parameter table provided is a reference, but ZOZEN Boiler can tailor the boiler device and system to your specific needs. Note that specifications and descriptions may differ from the actual product, and ZOZEN reserves the right to modify them without notice. For additional specifications, please contact us.

Model Rated thermal power(t/h/MW) Rated working pressure(MPa) Steam temperature/Rated output water temperature(℃) Thermal efficiency(%) Maximum transport size(m)
DZL2-1.25-M 2/1.4 1.25 194 88% 5.7×2.5×3.5
DZL2-1.57-M 2/1.4 1.57 204 88% 5.7×2.5×3.5
DZL2-2.45-M 2/1.4 2.45 225 88% 5.7×2.5×3.5
DZL4-1.25-M 4/2.8 1.25 194 88% 6.6×2.6×3.6
DZL4-1.57-M 4/2.8 1.57 204 88% 6.6×2.6×3.6
DZL4-2.45-M 4/2.8 2.45 225 88% 6.6×2.6×3.6