SZL Series Coal/Biomass Steam Boiler

SZL series steam boiler

Boiler Capacity:4-35 t/h

Working Pressure: 1.0-2.5 MPA

Available Fuel: Bituminous coal, lean coal, anthracite, biomass particles, rice husk, straw, coffee husk, sawdust, bagasse

Application Scale: Heating, chemical, food, tobacco, textile, printing and dyeing, feed, medicine, building material, wine, rubber, hospital

Product Introduction:SZL series steam boiler adopts double cylinder longitudinal layout, combustion mode for the chain grate, fuel for clean energy biomass (combustion process will not produce waste gas, waste, waste smoke, and low cost, easy to obtain, to achieve the reuse of waste).

SZL Series Steam Boiler Description

SZL series of coal/biomass fired steam boiler body adopts double cylinder longitudinal structure, chain grate combustion mode, heating surface layout is sufficient, uniform heating, high thermal efficiency. Water pipe circulation structure, increase the heating area of furnace body and improve the effect of water circulation, effectively improve the boiler thermal efficiency. The grate combustion chamber is raised, the lateral secondary air is arranged, the chain grate enters the air into the warehouse, the air volume is independently regulated, the grate stepless speed regulation, the mechanized combustion, environmental protection and energy saving. Auxiliary equipment is complete, the feeding device adopts Solan mechanism, high automatic control level. The overall structure of the boiler is compact, the area of occupation is small, the assembly degree is high, the body and the base are made of two large pieces, the installation cycle is short, the installation cost is low.

SZL type steam boilers

SZL series steam boiler with quick installation or assembly structure:4 ~ 8t/h for quick installation of water pipe structure, in the factory after all assembly factory;10 ~ 15t/h is composed of two large parts, the upper part is the body heating surface, the lower part is the combustion equipment. Around the front end of the boiler body for arrangement of water-cooled wall connected to the drum bottom connected to the header of the combustion chamber, to absorb the furnace radiant heat, backend arrangement between water drum on intensive convection tube bundle, high temperature flue gas after combustion after secondary return lateral erosion convection heating surface to separate arrangement of economizer, finally into dust catcher by chimneys; More than 20t/h assembled water tube boiler is composed of front furnace, rear furnace, convection tube bundle, economizer and chain grate, and assembled into a whole factory.

Coal/Biomass Fired Steam Boiler Details

SZL series steam boiler is composed of the upper body heating surface and the lower part of the combustion equipment. The fuel is burned in the combustion equipment, and the flue gas produced enters the tail flue through the furnace, the embers chamber, the convection tube bundle and so on, and then is discharged into the atmosphere through the dust collector, induced draft fan and chimney. The two sides of the steam boiler furnace adopts membrane water wall structure, which not only improves the sealing of the boiler, but also increases the volume of the furnace and the heating surface. Better is that the front and rear walls are arranged with secondary air (controlled by valves), which not only makes the fuel fully burned out, improves the combustion efficiency and thermal efficiency, reduces the fuel cost, and reduces the generation of waste and waste residue. Better still, it has the advantages of high automation level, safe and stable operation, perfect protection function and so on. It has become the ideal choice for many enterprises to buy boilers. The boiler absorbs the advantages of quick loading boiler, compact structure, single-layer boiler room layout, easy installation, short period, low cost, easy operation and other advantages. This series steam boiler is suitable for industrial and domestic steam.

SZL Series Steam Boiler Advantage

SZL type steam boiler

  • Convection layout heating surface heat transfer efficiency is high, the boiler operation efficiency is stable;
  • Chain grate panels, front and rear smoke box panels are all CNC plasma cutting machine cutting, neat and beautiful;
  • Drum volume is large, the internal device is complete;
  • The SZL type boiler has the functions of automatic adjustment of water supply, automatic alarm of high and low water level, automatic protection of overpressure, automatic protection of flameout, etc;
  • The coal/biomass fired boiler runs smoothly and has a certain overload operation capacity;
  • The front and back arch match reasonably, the furnace arch coverage rate is large, the furnace temperature is high;
  • Double drum arrangement, high combustion efficiency, operation cost saving 5-10%;
  • The cross section ratio between the descending surface and the ascending tube of each heating surface is reasonable and the combustion condition is stable;
  • The air volume required by different fuels in different combustion stages in each air chamber can be artificially adjusted, and the transverse wind pressure is consistent, so that partial burning phenomenon will not appear.

SZL Series Steam Boiler Product Parameter

Model Rated thermal power(t/h) Rated working pressure(MPa) Steam temperature Feed water temperature Maximum transport size(m)
SZL4-1.25-M 4 1.25 194 20 customized size
SZL4-1.60-M 4 1.6 204 20 customized size
SZL4-2.45-M 4 2.45 225 20 customized size
SZL6-1.25-M 6 1.25 194 20 7.0×2.7×3.5
SZL6-1.60-M 6 1.6 204 20 7.0×2.7×3.5
SZL6-2.45-M 6 2.45 225 20 7.0×2.7×3.5
SZL8-1.25-M 8 1.25 194 20 6.9×3.2×5.3
SZL8-1.60-M 8 1.6 204 20 6.9×3.2×5.3
SZL8-2.45-M 8 2.45 225 20 6.9×3.2×5.3
SZL10-1.25-M 10 1.25 194 20 7.9×3.3×3.5
SZL10-1.60-M 10 1.6 204 20 7.9×3.3×3.5
SZL10-2.45-M 10 2.45 225 20 7.9×3.3×3.5
SZL20-1.25-M 20 1.25 194 20 11×3.2×3.5
SZL20-1.60-M 20 1.6 204 20 11×3.2×3.5
SZL20-2.45-M 20 2.45 225 20 11×3.2×3.5
SZL30-1.25-M 30 1.25 194 20 9.9×3.3×3.6
SZL30-1.60-M 30 1.6 204 20 9.9×3.3×3.6
SZL30-2.45-M 30 2.45 225 20 9.9×3.3×3.6
SZL35-1.25-M 35 1.25 194 20 customized size
SZL35-1.60-M 35 1.6 204 20 customized size
SZL35-2.45-M 35 2.45 225 20 customized size