4500 kg/hr Oil/Gas Fired Steam Boiler

horizontal steam boiler

Structure: horizontal

Boiler Use: industrial boiler

Thermal Efficiency: ≥98%

Applicable Fuel: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, light oil, heavy oil, etc.

Boiler Introduction: 4500kg/hr oil/gas fired steam boiler is assembled and delivered to ensure that the boiler can be quickly installed at the user site. Except for water supply, gas supply and electrical connection accessories, no other building structures and special installation procedures are required.


Introduction of Steam Boiler Structure

The 4500kg/hr steam boiler is a mechatronics equipment, which consists of the boiler body, burners, electric control cabinet, feed water pumps, pipeline valves and instruments. The unit is equipped with a burner imported from Europe.

Oil Gas Fired Steam Boiler

The body of the unit adopts the mature structure of a horizontal internal combustion three-pass wet back type. The fuel (oil/gas) is sprayed from the burner through pressure atomization at a high speed, and it is slightly positive in the furnace.Pressure combustion, the high-temperature flue gas after combustion is radiated and heat exchanged in the furnace, and then turns into the second return smoke pipe to the front smoke box, then turns 180° into the third return smoke pipe, and then discharges through the rear smoke box and condenser The chimney enters the atmosphere.

The overall structure of the oil/gas fired steam boiler body adopts the form of a bottom furnace and a symmetrical arrangement of the smoke pipes. The boiler drum is assembled by welding of a Ф2100×14 cylinder and a Ф2100×18 front and rear tube plates. The first return is the corrugated furnace, which is welded by two corrugated furnace and two conical furnace, and the corrugated furnace is ф 1000×12. The burning chamber is formed by welding the inner front and inner rear tube plates and a Ф1494×22 cylinder. The second return pass is composed of 90 Ф60×3 smoke tubes, and the third return pass is composed of 82 Ф60×3 threaded smoke tubes. The threaded smoke tubes can greatly enhance heat transfer, thereby reducing the heating area, making the boiler compact and saving Steel.

Technical Advantages of Oil/Gas Fired Steam Boiler

In the layout of the convective heat exchange smoke pipe area, the traditional design of “equal flow rate” design for the second and third return trips has been discarded. The new idea of “equal resistance” design is adopted to lay out the convection heat exchange surface, which breaks through the traditional design idea of determining the diameter of the furnace by the size of the flame diameter in the furnace design. The large corrugated furnace structure is adopted to greatly increase the radiant heat transfer area and reduce NOX emissions. Threaded smoke tube technology is applied in the convection heat exchange tube area, and the boiler efficiency reaches more than 98%, which greatly improves the boiler efficiency. The smoke box adopts a double-sealed small smoke chamber structure, which prevents smoke leakage and is convenient for users to check and repair. The thermal insulation is made of aluminum silicate fiber felt, which has a good thermal insulation effect. As we have done a lot of work in combustion and heat transfer, we have adopted some new structures and new technologies to greatly reduce the volume of this product, reduce the area of the machine room, and reduce the weight.

Characteristics of Steam Boiler

steam boiler

  1. High safety and reliability:The oil/gas fired boiler combustion chamber adopts corrugated furnace, which has good thermal expansion performance. The combustion chamber is equipped with explosion-proof doors, and the furnace body is equipped with high-sensitivity temperature, pressure, and water level sensors. The controller constitutes a highly reliable multiple safety protection control system to ensure the safe operation of the boiler. The boiler has large water volume, stable and reliable operation, and high heating quality.
  2. High efficiency and energy saving:The steam boiler adopts a large furnace and corrugated furnace structure, which increases the radiation heat transfer area and facilitates the full combustion of fuel. Applying fuzzy control technology based on artificial neural network and world-renowned burners to realize automatic adjustment of combustion according to temperature, pressure and time, so that the boiler can operate efficiently and economically under different conditions, and minimize fuel consumption.
  3. Conducive to environmental protection:The low-NOX combustion technology is used to optimize the boiler structure design, and the boiler combustion conditions are automatically adjusted through flue gas detection, thereby ensuring that the boiler flue gas emission meets the environmental protection requirements of my country and the world, and the operating noise is low.
  4. Easy to install and maintain:The front and rear smoke boxes of the boiler adopt a movable double-sealed structure, which is convenient for the inspection, maintenance and cleaning of the inside of the boiler. The boiler is assembled quickly and runs without vibration. The installation is convenient and quick. The boiler computer controller can automatically record the time and cause of the failure, which is convenient Maintenance personnel perform maintenance.
  5. Split layout, various installation forms, flexible and reliable.
  6. As the heating surface, the spiral fin tube has high heat exchange efficiency, sufficient heating surface, and low system resistance on the flue gas side, which meets the requirements of ordinary burners.

Analysis of Thermal Efficiency of Oil/Gas Fired Boiler

The thermal efficiency of the steam boiler is improved: 1NM3 natural gas combustion produces about 10.3 NM3 (about 12.5KG) of theoretical flue gas. Taking the excess air coefficient of 1.3 as an example, 14 NM3 of flue gas (about 16.6KG) is produced. When the temperature of the flue gas is reduced from 200°C to 70°C, the physical sensible heat is about 1600KJ, the water vapor condensation rate is 50%, and the latent heat of vaporization is about 1850 KJ. The total heat release is 3450 KJ, which is about 10% of the low calorific value of natural gas. If 80% of the flue gas is taken into the thermal energy recovery device, the thermal energy utilization rate can be increased by more than 8%, and the natural gas fuel can be saved by nearly 10%.

Oil/Gas Fired Steam Boiler Condenser

4500kg steam boiler

In traditional boilers, after the fuel is burned in the boiler, the exhaust gas temperature is relatively high, and the water vapor in the flue gas is still in a gaseous state, which will take away a lot of heat. Among various fossil fuels, natural gas has the highest hydrogen content, and the mass percentage of hydrogen is about 20%~25%. Therefore, the exhaust smoke contains a large amount of water vapor. According to calculations, the water vapor produced by burning 1m3 of natural gas must be taken away. The heat is about 4000KJ, which is about 10% or more of its high heat.

The flue gas condensation waste heat recovery device uses lower temperature water or air to cool the flue gas to reduce the flue gas temperature. Close to the heat exchange surface area, the water vapor in the flue gas condenses, and at the same time realizes the sensible heat release of the flue gas and the latent heat of water vapor condensation Release, and the water or air in the heat exchanger absorbs heat to be heated, which realizes heat energy recovery and improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

Comparative Analysis of Operating Costs

Compared with other types of boilers, horizontal steam boilers equipped with flue gas economizers have high thermal efficiency, so they provide the same amount of heat supply and save gas consumption. When comparing with an ordinary horizontal steam boiler (no flue gas economizer), the energy saving of the entire system should be considered. The thermal efficiency of horizontal steam boilers includes economizers. The efficiency of an ordinary horizontal steam boiler is 90%, and the gas consumption of a 600,000 kcal/h (commonly called lt) boiler is:

600000/8500/90%=78 (m3/h)

The horizontal steam boiler is equipped with an energy saver installed at the end of the boiler flue, which fully absorbs the heat loss of the flue gas, the system is simple, and the flue gas temperature can be reduced to less than 100°C. The air consumption of a 600,000 kcal horizontal steam boiler installed with an economizer is: 600000/8500/96%=73 (m3/h)

Compared with ordinary horizontal steam boilers, it consumes 5 less gas (m3/h). If it is used for 2400h per year, it saves gas:

5×2400=12000 (m3)

If the gas price is 2.5 yuan/m3, the annual cost will be saved:

12000m3×2.5 yuan/m3=30000 yuan.