Steam boilers are devices that use water and heat to produce steam, which can then be used for various industrial processes, such as heating, power generation, sterilization, etc. Steam boilers can be classified into different types based on the fuel they use, such as gas-fired, oil-fired,biomass or solid fuel. Solid fuel steam boilers are boilers that use solid fuels, such as coal, biomass, wood, or waste, as the main source of energy to generate steam.

Part 1:Advantages of Solid Fuel Steam Boilers

Solid fuel steam boilers have several benefits, such as:

1.1 Cost-effectiveness: Solid fuel steam boilers can use low-cost and abundant fuels, such as coal, wood, agricultural waste, etc., which can reduce the fuel cost and increase the profit margin. Solid fuel steam boilers can also operate with minimal electricity, which can save on the electricity bill.

1.2 Environmental friendliness: Solid fuel steam boilers can use renewable and carbon-neutral fuels, such as biomass, which can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental impact of the boiler operation. Solid fuel steam boilers can also adopt advanced technologies, such as fluidized bed combustion, cyclone separator, dust collector, etc., which can improve the combustion efficiency and reduce the air pollution.

20 ton biomass steam boiler
                                           ZOZEN DZL biomass steam boiler

Part 2:ZOZENs solid fuel steam boilers

However, not all solid fuel steam boilers are created equal. Some solid fuel steam boilers may have low quality, low efficiency, high maintenance, or poor performance, which can affect the operation, productivity, and profitability of the industrial processes. Therefore, choosing a reliable and professional solid fuel steam boiler manufacturer is of great importance for the industrial users.

One of the leading solid fuel steam boiler manufacturers in China is ZOZEN, which has over 30 years of experience and expertise in boiler design, production, installation, and service. ZOZEN solid fuel steam boiler is perfectly suited for various industrial applications, as it has the following advantages:

2.1 Cheaper Boiler:

ZOZEN steam boiler can offer the same configuration as other competitors, but at a lower price, because not only our solutions are customer-oriented, but also our production is fully automated. ZOZEN adopts advanced and intelligent manufacturing equipment, such as CNC cutting machine, automatic welding machine, X-ray flaw detection machine, etc., which can reduce the labor cost and human error, and improve the production efficiency and quality. ZOZEN also provides flexible payment terms and favorable discounts for long-term cooperation customers, which can help them save more investment and operating costs.

2.2 Efficiency:

ZOZEN solid fuel steam boiler has high thermal efficiency and low fuel consumption, which can save on the fuel cost and increase the economic benefit. ZOZEN solid fuel steam boiler adopts the latest technology, such as chain grate, reciprocating grate, fluidized bed, etc., which can optimize the fuel combustion and heat transfer.

2.3 Service:

ZOZEN provides quality assurance service and installation guidance for the after-sales, which enables the customers to enjoy a series of related services after purchasing the boiler. ZOZEN not only guarantees the boiler quality, but also adds brilliance to the ZOZEN brand.

2.4 Types and Parameter :

1.Biomass Boiler

Fuel: Biomass pellets, wood chips, palm shells, straw, rice husk, etc.

Series: DZL(W), SZL(W), SHL(W), DHL(W)

Production range: Steam boiler 2-75t

Pressure range: 1-2.5MPa

Features and advantages: Thermal efficiency >88%, NOx <200mg/Nm3

SZL production range: 6-35t/h

SHL production range: 10-75t/h

DZL production range: 2-40t/h

2.Coal-fired Boiler

Fuel: Bituminous coal (AII), anthracite coal, lignite, lean coal (P)

Series: DZL(W), SZL(W), SHL(W), DHL(W)

Production range: Steam boiler 2-75t

Pressure range: 1-5.4MPa (Only DHL steam boilers can reach 5.4MPa)

SZL production range: 6-35t/h

SHL production range: 10-75t/h

DZL production range: 2-10t/h

3.Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler:

Fuel: Biomass particles, coal

Series: SHX, DHX

Steam Boiler (10-100 tons): SHX circulating fluidized bed steam boiler, DHX circulating fluidized bed steam boiler

Pressure range: 1-5.3MPa

Part 3:ZOZENs cases

3.1 15t Biomass-fired Boiler Power Generation Project in Turkey

The ZOZEN boiler adopts the third generation biomass boiler of the DZL series . This boiler adopts an assembled structure, divided into upper and lower parts, and is a water tube boiler composed of three boiler drums. The boiler capacity covers 15-40t/h, and the working pressure is 1.25 MPa / 1.6 MPa / 2.5 MPa. As the third generation biomass boiler, it solves the problem of ash accumulation in the convection area of the second generation double-drum structure biomass boiler. The heating surface does not accumulate ash, which enables the boiler to operate normally for a long time without the need to shut down and clean the ash.At the same time, according to the characteristics of different biomass fuels, the third generation DZL biomass boiler can be equipped with different types and materials of grates, which not only ensures the sufficient combustion of biomass fuels, but also improves the service life of the grates, meeting the high requirements of biomass power generation systems for boiler efficiency and stability.

3.2 Malaysia 4-ton DZL Series Fast-Loading Biomass Steam Boiler Project

After fully understanding their needs, ZOZEN Boiler designed a tailored solution for them, the DZL series biomass boiler system. The internal structure of the boiler was optimized to improve fuel combustion efficiency and solve problems such as coking, wear, arching before combustion, and fuel hopper issues. At the same time, the lower part of the grate of this series of biomass boilers is equipped with segmented air chambers and air regulation devices to achieve scientific air distribution and meet the air volume required for coconut shells in each combustion stage. In addition, the DZL series boilers are delivered as a complete unit, which not only facilitates transportation but also significantly reduces the infrastructure investment and shortens the project construction time.

DZL series quick loading boiler
ZOZEN DZL series boiler


In conclusion, solid fuel steam boilers are an ideal choice for various industrial applications, and ZOZEN is a trustworthy and professional solid fuel steam boiler manufacturer that can provide high-quality, efficient, and reliable solid fuel steam boiler solutions for the industrial users. If you are interested in ZOZEN solid fuel steam boiler, please feel free to contact us for more information. We look forward to working with you and creating a win-win situation.