In Bangladesh, the demand for steam boilers is on the rise as industries seek efficient and reliable heating solutions. When it comes to steam boiler prices, it’s important to note that they are not fixed. Factors such as boiler size, specifications, and auxiliary accessories can influence the price. At ZOZEN, we understand the unique requirements of our Bangladeshi clients and offer tailored steam boiler systems that provide excellent value for their investment. ZOZEN’s steam boiler price in Bangladesh is very competitive.

ZOZEN Steam Boiler Products:
ZOZEN offers three major series of steam boilers: oil/gas-fired steam boilers, biomass steam boilers, and coal-fired steam boilers. All three series are reasonably priced, offering a high cost-performance ratio that suits the market demands in Bangladesh. ZOZEN offers good steam boiler price in Bangladesh.

Oil/Gas-Fired Steam Boilers:
With a thermal capacity ranging from 1t/h to 130t/h, our oil/gas-fired steam boilers are designed to maximize energy savings. Their large furnace design ensures high thermal efficiency of over 98%, while keeping NOx emissions as low as 30mg/Nm3. These boilers are an ideal choice for the Bangladeshi market, offering both efficiency and affordability. ZOZEN offers good oil/gas-fired steam boiler price in Bangladesh.

steam boiler price in bangladesh
SZS series steam boiler case

Biomass Fired Steam Boilers:
Our biomass steam boilers have a thermal capacity starting from 2t/h and going up to 75t/h. They stand out for their exceptional fuel adaptability, supporting various biomass fuels such as pellets, sawdust, palm shells, and straw. These boilers address common challenges faced in the industry, such as ash deposition, fouling, abrasion, bridging, and fuel hopper issues. With their reasonable pricing, they are an excellent solution for the Bangladeshi market. ZOZEN offers good biomass fired steam boiler price in Bangladesh.

Coal-Fired Steam Boilers:
With a thermal capacity ranging from 2t/h to 75t/h, our coal-fired steam boilers offer versatility in fuel selection, supporting various coal types including bituminous coal, anthracite, and lean coal. These boilers feature an independent fuel feeding system with a scientifically designed sealing structure, ensuring efficient combustion and stable operation. Their competitive pricing makes them an attractive choice for customers in Bangladesh. ZOZEN offers good coal fired steam boiler price in Bangladesh.

Customer Case:
One of our successful collaborations in Bangladesh involved a 35-ton ZZ series medium-temperature and medium-pressure oil/gas-fired steam boiler with a paper manufacturing company. The reasonable steam boiler price in Bangladesh and high cost-performance ratio of the boiler won the client’s favor. The boiler has been running smoothly, significantly reducing costs and improving efficiency for the paper industry.

Customer Service:
At ZOZEN, we prioritize customer satisfaction and provide comprehensive services. Our dedicated team offers project technical consulting, customized boiler system solutions, and installation guidance. We aim to address every customer’s concerns and help them achieve their cost-reduction and efficiency goals effectively. Other than great customer service, ZOZEN also offers good steam boiler price in Bangladesh.

In conclusion, ZOZEN”s steam boiler price in Bangladesh is very competitive. ZOZEN offers high-quality steam boiler solutions at competitive prices to meet the growing demand in Bangladesh. Our diverse range of products, tailored to specific needs, ensures excellent performance and value for our customers. With our reliable customer service, we strive to assist businesses in reducing costs and improving efficiency. Choose ZOZEN for your steam boiler needs and experience the difference!