Biomass steam boilers have emerged as a pivotal component in the global shift towards sustainable energy solutions. These boilers utilize organic materials such as wood chips, rice husks, and other agricultural residues to generate steam, providing an eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuel-based boilers. As one of the renowned biomass steam boiler suppliers, ZOZEN stands out by offering high-quality, easy-to-maintain biomass steam boilers.

ZOZEN: A Trusted Biomass Steam Boiler Suppliers
Founded in 1988, ZOZEN has grown into a leading player among the biomass steam boiler suppliers, with a strong emphasis on research, design, and service excellence. Over the past three decades, ZOZEN has established itself as one of the most reliable biomass steam boiler suppliers, backed by impressive credentials and a robust production capacity. ZOZEN operates a modern manufacturing facility spanning 150,000 square meters and boasts an annual production capacity of 20,000 steam tons of boilers. ZOZEN’s collaboration with prestigious academic institutions such as Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiaotong University further underscores its commitment to technological advancement and quality. With products exported to over 100 countries and regions and a clientele exceeding 15,000 enterprises, ZOZEN’s reputation as one of the leading biomass steam boiler suppliers is well-earned.

ZOZEN’s Biomass Steam Boiler Product Range
ZOZEN, as a one of the most trust-worthy biomass steam boiler suppliers, offers a diverse array of biomass steam boilers, each designed to meet specific industrial needs. Their product lineup includes the DZL series longitudinal chain grate boilers, SZL series double-drum longitudinal chain grate boilers, and SHL series bulk biomass fuel boilers. Below, we delve into the specifics of each series:

DZL Series Longitudinal Chain Grate Boilers
Thermal Capacity: 2 – 10 t/h
Working Pressure: 1 – 2.5 MPa
Design Highlights:
Horizontal three-pass water-fire tube chain grate design.
Lightweight chain grate combustion equipment for efficient fuel burning.
Delivered as a whole for quick installation and ease of use.
Equipped with an independent high-pressure secondary fan for precise air volume and pressure control.

SZL Series Double-Drum Longitudinal Chain Grate Boilers
Thermal Capacity: 6 – 35 t/h
Working Pressure: 1 – 2.5 MPa
Design Highlights:
Horizontal double-drum layout for enhanced heat transfer and efficiency.
High degree of mechanization with automated systems for fuel supply, ash removal, and slag discharge.
Customizable boiler systems to suit specific operational requirements.
Advanced control systems ensure safe and efficient operation.

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SZL biomass steam boiler case

DZL There-Drum Biomass Fuel Boilers
Thermal Capacity: 15 – 40 t/h
Working Pressure: 1.25 MPa / 1.6 MPa / 2.5 MPa
Design Highlights:
Unique “A” structure with three drums to prevent ash accumulation.
Thermal efficiency exceeding 87.5% due to optimal combustion design.
Extended furnace height and increased residence time for biomass gases.
Water-cooled walls to control furnace temperatures and reduce NOx formation.

ZOZEN’s Collaboration with the Rubber Industry
ZOZEN’s expertise as a top of biomass steam boiler suppliers was recently showcased through a successful collaboration with a rubber manufacturing enterprise in Thailand. Based on the specific operational requirements at the Thai production base, ZOZEN, as one of the experienced biomass steam boiler suppliers, recommended the SZL series biomass steam boiler. This state-of-the-art boiler features a compact structure, high safety, and efficient performance, making it a leading product in the boiler industry.

The SZL series biomass steam boiler was meticulously designed to accommodate the unique properties of the fuel. ZOZEN’s technical team optimized the design of the feeding hopper, the width and length of the grate, and other components to ensure efficient combustion. The boiler’s spacious furnace volume reduces thermal load, minimizing the risk of coking. Furthermore, the lightweight chain belt grate, coupled with segmented wind chambers and adjustable air doors, allows for precise air distribution throughout different combustion stages. This ensures complete fuel combustion, achieving a thermal efficiency of over 88%. All performance indicators of the boiler meet international advanced levels, underscoring ZOZEN’s prowess as one of the leading biomass steam boiler suppliers.

In conclusion, ZOZEN’s position among the reliable biomass steam boiler suppliers is well-deserved. Their range of high-performance biomass steam boilers caters to diverse industrial needs, offering sustainable and efficient energy solutions.