The gas-fired thermal oil boiler is a versatile piece of equipment that finds wide use in many industries, including hot pressing, food processing, chemical, rubber, petrochemical, textile, printing and dyeing, asphalt heating, vegetable dehydration, and many others.

gas thermal oil boiler
gas thermal oil boiler

It is a new type of heating equipment that uses heat conduction oil as the carrier to transfer heat to the equipment through the hot oil circulation pump. The heating temperature of this series of boilers can reach up to 300℃ in the liquid phase or 400℃ in the vapor phase. It is suitable for various production occasions that require uniform and stable heating 300℃ and do not allow direct flame heating process.

The thermal oil boiler has a compact structure and a heating surface composed of inner, middle, and outer densely arranged disk tubes, with an inner coil for radiation heating surface and the outer surface of the inner coil tube and the inner coil tube form convection heating surface. The fuel burns and releases heat in the combustion chamber composed of inner coils. The high-temperature flue gas enters the convection heating surface and conducts heat exchange.

The boiler is equipped with an air preheater at the end of the heat-conducting oil furnace to improve the efficiency of the oil-conducting furnace. The convective heating surface of the boiler adopts a reasonable and fast flue gas flow rate to ensure the full heat exchange of the furnace body and a higher thermal efficiency. The heating temperature of the heat-conducting oil boiler is high, and the working pressure is low, which makes it safe and reliable.

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