Singapore, as a modern country and economic hub, boasts a thriving manufacturing and service industry. With the continuous expansion of Singapore’s industrial sector and the increasing demand for energy efficiency, the industrial boiler market remains in the spotlight, showcasing innovative, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly trends. ZOZEN, as a leading boiler company in Singapore, has launched a range of safe, stable, and energy-efficient industrial boiler products that cater to the needs of the Singaporean market.

Established in 1988, ZOZEN, as a leading boiler company in Singapore, is a modern enterprise with a production capacity of 20,000 steam tons per year, covering an area of 150,000 square meters. ZOZEN holds an A-level boiler manufacturing license, A-level special equipment installation, modification license, and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) certifications “S” and “U” stamps. Additionally, ZOZEN has obtained MOM certification in Singapore. To acquire MOM certification, companies must pass rigorous evaluations conducted by professional auditing organizations in Singapore, ensuring that their boiler products meet the government’s safety and quality standards. ZOZEN is unquestionably a trustworthy boiler company in Singapore.

ZOZEN, as a reliable boiler company in Singapore, offers four major series of boilers: fuel and gas boilers, biomass boilers, coal-fired boilers, and thermal oil boilers. Based on the Singaporean market’s demands, this article will focus on fuel and gas boilers and thermal oil boilers.

ZOZEN Oil and Gas Boilers:
These boilers can be categorized into steam boilers and hot water boilers. The thermal capacity of fuel and gas steam boilers ranges from 1t/h to a maximum of 130t/h, while the thermal capacity of hot water boilers ranges from 0.7MW to a maximum of 116MW. The wide selection of thermal capacities makes them suitable for enterprises of various scales.
ZOZEN’s fuel and gas boilers consist of three series: the WNS series condensing horizontal internal combustion boiler, the SZS series condensing double-drum vertical arrangement boiler, and the ZZ series medium-temperature and medium-pressure fuel and gas steam boiler. All three series feature a large furnace design, with thermal efficiency reaching over 98% and NOx emissions as low as 30mg/Nm3, fully meeting the high-efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental requirements of the Singaporean industrial boiler market, making ZOZEN a perfect choice for boiler company in Singapore. The front and rear smoke boxes adopt ZOZEN’s patented sealing structure, ensuring zero smoke leakage and satisfying Singapore’s demand for independent innovation.

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WNS series oil and gas steam boiler case

ZOZEN Thermal Oil Boilers:
ZOZEN’s thermal oil boilers operate at a working pressure of 0.8-1 MPa and a working temperature of 320°C, with a high thermal capacity of up to 29,000 kW. They are divided into three series: the YQW series fuel and gas horizontal thermal oil boiler, the YQL series fuel and gas vertical thermal oil boiler, and the YLW series coal/biomass horizontal thermal oil boiler. The YQW and YQL series can utilize natural gas, coke oven gas, biogas, heavy oil, diesel, light oil, and other fuels, while the YLW series is suitable for bituminous coal, anthracite coal, and biomass particles. ZOZEN’s thermal oil boilers incorporate state-of-the-art technology, featuring high efficiency, energy-saving properties, and short oil frying time. Additionally, customized flue gas waste heat recovery systems maximize energy utilization. ZOZEN’s thermal oil boilers meet the high-efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental demands of the Singaporean industrial boiler market, making ZOZEN a reliable choice for boiler company in Singapore.

ZOZEN, as a leading boiler company in Singapore. has successfully provided a 2-ton WNS series light diesel steam boiler to Singapore’s maritime and oil and gas industries. They were in search of a highly efficient, reliable, and safe boiler for handling hazardous waste. After comparing and evaluating multiple boiler suppliers, they ultimately chose ZOZEN’s 2-ton WNS series light diesel steam boiler. ZOZEN boilers are renowned for their high quality, excellent performance, and reliability, which perfectly suited the requirements of the customer. This boiler holds ASME and MOM certifications, indicating its high quality and safety standards. ZOZEN’s after-sales service is outstanding, with engineers readily available to respond to customer needs, provide technical support, and guidance to ensure the stable operation of the boiler.

As a trusted boiler company in Singapore, ZOZEN offers a comprehensive range of industrial boilers that prioritizesafety, stability, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness. ZOZEN’s certifications, including the MOM certification in Singapore and ASME certifications, attest to its commitment to quality and safety. ZOZEN’s successful track record in providing boilers to industries such as maritime and oil and gas further reinforces its reputation as a reliable and preferred boiler company in Singapore. With ZOZEN, customers can expect high-quality products, excellent performance, and exceptional after-sales service, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of their industrial processes.