• Project type: Food Plant
  • Project supporting boiler: WNS6-1.0-Q, WNS10-1.0-Q
  • Project boiler medium: Steam
  • Project quota output: 6 ton per hour, 10 ton per hour

6 ton gas fired steam boiler for food plant

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Case Introduction

This customer’s food factory is a national key enterprise of agricultural industrialization that integrates cultivation, planting, breeding, production, processing and sales of agricultural products. In the vegetable quick-freezing project, superheated steam is needed to provide heat source for the vegetable steaming, scalding and sterilization processes. With rich experience and high quality reputation in the food industry, ZOZEN has gained the trust of customers and become a food factory steam boiler supplier.

According to the customer’s production steam requirements, ZOZEN’s technical team customized two sets of gas-fired steam boiler system solutions, one producing 6 tons of steam per hour and one producing 10 tons of steam per hour. ZOZEN’s WNS series gas boilers have a wide range of fuel adaptability and sufficient output, and with energy-saving equipment, their thermal efficiency can reach more than 98%, which reduces production costs for customers and thus enhances the core competitiveness of the products. WNS series gas boilers have a high degree of automation of the control system, boiler water level, steam pressure control, alarm and interlocking devices, which not only facilitate maintenance and ensure the safety of boiler operation, but also are more efficient and energy-saving.