• Project type: Feed Factory
  • Project supporting boiler: SZL8-1.25-AⅡ
  • Project boiler medium: Steam
  • Project quota output: 8 ton per hour

8000kg coal fired chain grate boiler

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Case Introduction

In the processing process of feed plant, granulation technology is mainly used in steam boiler stage. The raw material of granulation is quenched and quenched by the quencher, and the temperature of the material reaches 80-85 degrees with boiler steam, and the moisture reaches about 17%, and then granules of different sizes are formed through the granulation mechanism.
Therefore, the stable operation of 8 tons coal-fired boiler is an essential heat source equipment for feed processing industry. Pakistan’s feed processing industry is growing rapidly. In the face of increasing market demand, Zubair Feed Pty Ltd needed a more efficient steam boiler system to ensure the stable operation of the production line and the high quality of feed.

ZOZEN has been able to work with Zubair Feeds because of its strength. In order to reduce the operating cost of the feed plant, Zubair Feed Company decided to add rice husk to coal as a co-fired boiler fuel, which not only promoted the recycling of biological resources, but also improved economic efficiency. According to the fuel characteristics of “lignite + rice husk”, ZOZEN rationally optimizes the feed hopper, grate width and length, and customizes the SZL series steam boiler system for users to meet the actual needs of their production line. The thermal efficiency of the boiler is more than 5% higher than the conventional boiler system in the industry, which realizes the effective conversion of heat energy.

The boiler has now successfully arrived in Lahore, Pakistan for installation, with ZOZEN technicians providing on-site guidance throughout the installation process. The head of the feed factory at Zubair Feeds Private Limited praised it. ZOZEN is a famous boiler brand with comprehensive service and high quality products.