Type of fire tube boiler is a common industrial boiler named after the fire tubes present inside the boiler. These tubes transfer heat generated by burning fuel to heat water, converting it into steam or hot water. Depending on their functionality, type of fire tube boilers can be categorized as steam fire tube boilers and hot water fire tube boilers. Type of fire tube boilers can also be classified based on the type of fuel they use, such as oil/gas fire tube boilers, coal fire tube boilers, and biomass fire tube boilers.

ZOZEN, established in 1988, is a modern enterprise with a production capacity of 20,000 steam tons per year. Leveraging advanced production processes and technological advantages, ZOZEN has crafted multiple series of high-quality type of fire tube boiler products that have been widely promoted and applied across various industries. Moreover, ZOZEN can customize type of fire tube boiler systems to meet the diverse needs of enterprises, providing one-stop services from design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning to training.

A hot-sale type of fire tube boiler offered by ZOZEN is the WNS series oil and gas type of fire tube boiler. It is a three-pass wetback horizontal internal combustion boiler with a thermal capacity ranging from 1 to 20 t/h. As a type of fire tube boiler, it boasts several advantages, including:

  • Wide fuel adaptability: Suitable for gas fuels such as natural gas, coke oven gas, and biogas, as well as liquid fuels like diesel, heavy oil, light oil, and residual oil.
  • Simple structure and compact size: Easy installation with low production and construction costs.
  • Low failure rate and easy maintenance: Reduced maintenance and operating costs, with simplified repair and maintenance procedures.
  • Large furnace volume: Ample steam storage space and heating surface, enabling efficient production of high thermal power and high-quality steam.
  • Adoption of ZOZEN’s self-developed high-efficiency heat transfer element, the threaded smoke tube, which prolongs the residence time of flue gas inside the furnace, effectively enhancing thermal efficiency.
  • Adoption of a large-diameter corrugated furnace, reducing thermal stresses on the boiler and providing sufficient steam storage space and heating surface for the efficient generation of high thermal power and high-quality steam.
  • Hinged smoke chamber structure with excellent sealing effect, facilitating inspection, cleaning, and maintenance.
type of fire tube boiler
WNS fire tube boiler case

Another type of fire tube boiler offered by ZOZEN is the WNS series oil/gas skid-mounted fire tube boiler. It is a branch of the WNS series oil and gas fire tube boiler. The term “skid-mounted” refers to the boiler’s integrated design, with all auxiliary devices and components mounted on a single skid. This boiler has a thermal capacity ranging from 1 to 4 t/h, and its advantages include:

  • Compact structure and rational layout: Effectively reduces the footprint required.
  • Installation-free: Users only need to connect water, electricity, and gas, and it can be put into use within a day, enabling quick deployment.
  • Excellent mobility: The unique design allows the entire equipment to be easily moved, providing flexibility.
  • Customized combustion system: The boiler control system is integrated with the burner control system, enhancing the automation level of the boiler and further improving its energy-saving, environmental, and safety performance.

ZOZEN provided a 10-ton WNS series oil-fired steam fire tube boiler, a type of fire tube boiler, to the textile industry in Mauritius. The customer feedback indicated that ZOZEN provided them with stable and efficient steam supply, significantly improving production efficiency. The installation guidance videos provided by ZOZEN, along with on-site engineering support, greatly assisted them in ensuring a smooth installation and commissioning process. They expressed their satisfaction in collaborating with such a professional and meticulous team and look forward to more opportunities for future cooperation.

In conclusion, ZOZEN offers a wide range of type of fire tube boiler products, including the WNS series oil and gas fire tube boilers and the skid-mounted fire tube boilers. With their superior features and the company’s expertise, ZOZEN provides reliable and efficient solutions for various industries, meeting the unique requirements of each customer.