In today’s world, the demand for biomass boilers is on the rise as they offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for heat generation. With over thirty years of expertise in boiler manufacturing and research, ZOZEN has developed biomass boilers with independent intellectual property rights. These boilers are known for their low biomass boiler fuel consumption, efficient combustion, and energy-saving features.

The biomass boiler fuel consumption is influenced by various factors, including the type and quality of the fuel, moisture content, and the efficiency of the combustion equipment.
The biomass boiler fuel consumption is directly related to its energy content of the biomass fuel. For example, in a biomass boiler that burns wood, the fuel consumption is dependent on the heat value of the wood, which is usually measured in energy content per unit volume or weight. Let’s consider an example of a biomass boiler with a steam capacity of 1t/h, requiring an absorption of 600,000 KCal per hour. If the heat value of a particular wood is 4000 Kcal/kg.

Furthermore, the efficiency of the combustion equipment also plays a significant role in the biomass boiler fuel consumption. High-efficiency biomass boilers or combustion systems can utilize the energy content of the fuel more effectively, reducing energy wastage and thus lowering the consumption of biomass fuel. ZOZEN’s biomass boilers incorporate advanced burners and customized combustion systems, ensuring a measured thermal efficiency of ≥88%. The customized systems have a thermal efficiency that is at least 5% higher than conventional systems. In the example mentioned above, the actual fuel consumption for ZOZEN biomass boilers would be 600,000/4000/88% = 171 kg, meaning the fuel consumption of the wood wolud be 171kg per hour. Therefore, ZOZEN biomass boilers are renowned for their low biomass boiler fuel consumption and efficient combustion. Moreover, ZOZEN offers a wide range of furnace types and parameters, accommodating various fuel types such as biomass pellets, rice husks, wood chips, corn cobs, and sawdust.

ZOZEN offers three series of biomass steam boilers: DZL series vertically arranged chain grate boilers, SZL series dual-drum vertically arranged chain grate boilers, and SHL series bulk biomass steam boilers. The thermal capacity ranges from 2 to 75 t/h. Let’s focus on introducing the DZL and SZL series boilers.

The DZL series single-drum biomass steam boiler is a horizontal three-pass water-fire tube chain grate boiler with lightweight chain grate combustion equipment. It is delivered in a quick-assembled form.
-Thermal capacity: 2 – 10 t/h
-Thermal efficiency >83%: The furnace arch, furnace wall, and furnace chamber heating surfaces are reasonably arranged, and efficient heat transfer components such as threaded smoke tubes are utilized. The customized system’s thermal efficiency is at least 5% higher than conventional systems, resulting in low biomass boiler fuel consumption.
-Advanced control system: The selection of the control system is optimized to ensure stable operation while saving investment costs.
-Arch tube plate: The arch tube plate has significantly higher anti-fatigue strength compared to flat tube plates, setting a new standard for industrial boilers.

The DZL series three-drum biomass steam boiler is a ZOZEN-developed product with independent intellectual property rights. The boiler adopts an assembly structure, consisting of upper and lower parts. The upper part serves as the heating surface, while the lower part houses the combustion equipment.
-Thermal capacity: 15 – 40 t/h
-Thermal efficiency >87.5%: The small dead corners and reduced likelihood of vortex formation in the flue gas flushing the heating surface result in low biomass boiler fuel consumption.
-The structure of the boiler solves the issue of ash accumulation in traditional dual-drum boilers. The two drums are placed on both sides of the lower part, with an ash hopper in the middle. Ash particles settle directly into the bottom ash hopper, eliminating dead ash zones and enabling real-time ash discharge.

biomass boiler fuel consumption
DZL series three drum biomass boiler case

The SZL series dual-drum biomass steam boiler is a chain grate water tube boiler designed by ZOZEN based on international advanced technology and experience.
-Thermal capacity: 6 – 35 t/h
-Thermal efficiency >86%: The furnace chamber features a densely arranged water-cooled wall tube structure, providing a large radiation area and resulting in low biomass boiler fuel consumption.
-ZOZEN designs different feeding systems according to the characteristics of various biomass fuels, effectively improving the overall boiler efficiency.
-High-temperature-resistant grate: ZOZEN selects suitable high-temperature-resistant grate materials to accommodate the combustion characteristics of biomass fuels, significantly enhancing the reliability of the grate.

In collaboration with the food industry, ZOZEN designed a customized biomass boiler system based on a thorough understanding of the needs of Malaysian food manufacturers. The system incorporates a biomass steam boiler with a thermal capacity of 6 t/h, capable of meeting the steam demand for food processing and production.

In conclusion, ZOZEN offers a range of biomass boilers with low biomass boiler fuel consumption and efficient combustion. These boilers provide an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution for heat generation. By investing in ZOZEN’s biomass boiler system, Malaysian food manufacturers can achieve cost savings, environmental sustainability, reliable performance, and regulatory compliance.