Project: Chemical & 2tons WNS Condensing Gas-fired Steam Boiler Project

Project type: Complete Project (Supply boiler, auxiliary equipment, installation and commissioning)

Address: India

Matched boiler: WNS2-1.25-Q

Boiler Medium: steam

Rated evaporation: 2 tons/hour


WNS condensing gas boiler
WNS condensing gas boiler


Project Description

A chemical company from India contacted our ZOZEN’S through online consultation. They are a professional chemical company with strong strength. They provide high-quality industrial products that meet stringent specifications and quality standards for many fields. Therefore, advanced equipment and innovative technology are indispensable. After many investigations, the chemical company chose to cooperate with Zozen Boilers and purchased a 2 ton WNS condensing gas boiler from our company.


The 2ton WNS condensing gas-fired steam boiler we purchased from Zozen Boiler with high combustion efficiency, fuel saving and easy to be installed. After the major boilers are in place, they can be operated and used only by completing each interface, auxiliary machine and piping system. The steam boiler solves our worried fast and efficient.


Gas-fired steam boiler
Gas-fired steam boiler


Introduction of Gas Steam Boiler

WNS condensing gas boiler adopts large volume full corrugated furnace and wet-back racetrack type combustion chamber. The threaded pipe is symmetrical and evenly arranged on both sides of the furnace. High quality burners provide fuel combustion, and the ejected flame burns turbulence in the furnace. The generated high temperature flue gas returns through the combustion chamber and enters the threaded flue gas tube. After heat exchange, it enters the air preheater from the front flue gas box. The flue gas is counter-current heat exchange and heats the cold air. This series of steam boiler cooling flue gas downstream into energy-saving condensing integrated machine, flue gas counter-current through the cross-row silicon magnesium aluminum alloy fin tube expansion heating surface, recovery of flue gas latent heat and sensible heat, preheat boiler feed water temperature, heat fully recovered flue gas discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney.

This series gas fired boiler adopts large water volume design, boiler is not sensitive to the fluctuation of load, load range is still suitable for users. The WNS condensing gas boiler is equipped with condensate discharge device to reduce the corrosion of condensate to heating surface. Boiler front smoke box door and panel adopts double-layer sealing structure, and air tightness test is carried out one by one to ensure good heat insulation performance. Double seal open and close synchronously, easy maintenance and installation. The rear of the boiler is equipped with detachable explosion-proof door to ensure combustion safety, and can also be used as a furnace inspection hole.