• Case name: 3.5MW YQW gas-fired thermal fluid heater for textile industry
  • Case type: Thermal fluid heaters cases
  • Equipment: YQW-3500Q
  • Capacity: 3.5MW
  • Project boiler medium: HMO (Heat Medium Oil)

Customer Feedback:

Thermal fluid heaters are indispensable equipment in our textile industry. The 3.5MW thermal fluid heater provided by ZOZEN’S can totally meet our requirement. The fuels can be fully burned and has high thermal efficiency, helping us save the fuel consumption. Furthermore, the environment protection effect is perfect.


3.5MW thermal fluid heater
3.5MW thermal fluid heater


Case Introduction:

Thermal fluid heater is used to provide heat energy for hot-melt solidification, high temperature evaporation, drying and sizing process in textile industry. This Printing and Dyeing factory is one of the largest full-cotton real wax printed fabric manufacturers in the world, whose products are exported to West Africa and the other countries. One set of YLW series coal-fired thermal fluid heater was purchased by factory before. As an environment-friendly textile enterprise, Company decides to purchase a gas-fired thermal fluid heater. Based on the first cooperation experience with ZOZEN’S, the company is satisfied with ZOZEN’S thermal fluid heaters. Therefore, they order ZOZEN’S one set of 3.5 MW YQW series gas-fired thermal fluid heater. The heat supply of this thermal fluid heater is in a sealed loop, which makes the heat conveying have less heat loss. It is also equipped with low nitrogen burner for energy saving and environmental protection.

3.5MW thermal fluid heater top arranged close row coil tube, can better protect the top, avoid the phenomenon of top burn out. This series of thermal oil boilers can achieve a working temperature above 300℃ under normal operating pressure, and the thermal efficiency can be maintained at a level within a wide load range. The liquid phase transports heat energy, and stable heat conduction and temperature value can be obtained. With complete operation control and safety monitoring devices, our company has program process control technology, which can control the outlet temperature of the thermal oil furnace at ±1°C, which is simple and easy to operate. The boiler is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the flue gas emission concentration and noise are lower than the standard.


Thermal fluid heaters cases
Thermal fluid heaters cases


YQW series thermal oil boiler furnace tube arrangement adopts a structure that does not trap gas and does not store water. It has low resistance, high flow rate and stable pressure during use. The inner wall of the tube is treated with a special process and has a high smoothness. The heat transfer oil is not easy to coke, and is safe and durable. There are technical measures to compensate the volume changes caused by the heating and releasing of the working medium and the temperature rise and fall in the system. Before the boiler circulates heating, there are technical measures to strictly control the content of air, moisture and other low volatile matter in the working medium.